Day 6: Writing a paper

Photo Jun 20, 11 23 55I spent the entire day today writing. Writing, proofreading, editing, and more writing. I printed off the entire online methods section for a paper we’re trying to submit–I’d just rewritten that particular section one day ago–and proceeded to bloody it up with countless handwritten edits. Each page was gushing ink. It took a handful of hours to fully go through the edits and transfer them to the document.

And that’s “just” the online methods section, to say nothing of the supplementary material or even the main paper itself.

I’m proud of the progress I made. I’m just not looking forward to how much work still needs to be done. Patience, I’m learning, is more of a virtue than I ever realized.

Tomorrow I head to Las Vegas for the weekend, so I may post several days’ worth upon my return, depending on internet availability and general free time.


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