Day 8: Out and about

IMG_1176This city is remarkable. It’s the only city in the world whose primary economic driver is dependent on a transient population. On one hand, there’s something innately attractive about this lifestyle: I’ve always liked (and enjoyed) the concept of getting dressed up, hitting a classy joint for some entertainment or high-rolling, and crashing at an incredibly upscale hotel room. On the other hand, I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money in that way, nor am I particularly drawn to the painfully visible subculture that exists in parallel here. The Lady’s older brother, our tour guide for the evening (he’s trying to get back on a nighttime schedule for when he returns to active duty in the next week), never failed to both point out and react to the various outfits we saw and flyers that were pushed into our hands.

Oh yes. These flyers left quite literally nothing to the imagination, and people shoved them into my face even as I stood right next to my fiance. The Lady’s brother had a similar experience when he and his wife strolled these streets, and he defused one situation by responding “Thanks, I’ve already got mine.” +1


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