Day 11: Back to work

Photo Jun 25, 7 15 45I got 9.5 hours of sleep last night. I didn’t feel completely rejuvenated, but I felt a lot better than I had the previous day, well enough to have a solid ladder workout on a gorgeous morning. It’s the final track session I’ll be able to attend this summer with the Fleet Feet folks, as this time next week I’ll be back in good ol’ Pittsburgh.

As such, I’m scrambling a bit at work to make sure things are in an acceptable state for me to collaborate remotely on the project and subsequent paper we want to push out. It’s a little tricky with so many moving parts, but my goal for this week is to reduce the number of said parts to only those that can be manipulated from a distance.

Here’s hoping I’ll have enough to work with when it comes time to start writing my proposal.


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