Day 12: Sleep catches up

Photo Jun 26, 9 06 56They say you need a day for every hour the time changes when you travel. Tuesday I felt refreshed after sleeping 9.5 hours, but that may have only been because of the stark contrast: I wasn’t necessarily feeling good, just a lot better. That seemed evident yesterday when I felt as if I’d slowed down.

The picture shows the recycle bin for one of the interns here. I thought it was amusing, capturing both the working style of fellow computer scientists, and a decent idea for keeping my energy levels up.

Last night was my last evening of Mellow Mushroom trivia in Knoxville! This time, “Team Arvind” had a whopping 8 members, and we managed almost twice the points from last week’s performance, though it only gave us a couple of spots in the rankings. Oh well. Still a lot of fun.

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