Day 13: Someone is wrong on the internet

Photo Jun 27, 8 23 05This is one of the smaller parts of the Clinch River, and the bridge I cross twice each day on the way to and from ORNL. Whenever it’s been cloudy or rainy the night before, there’s always a layer of fog covering the river. In this particular image, you can even see a heron hovering above the water, straight down from the road.

Today involved a lot more arguing over the internet than I was prepared for: what’s financially “right” for people planning to go to graduate school (spoiler alert: to each their own), whether or not “Android vs iOS” is a fair comparison (spoiler alert: semantics, of course it is when you’re talking about smartphones), and if it’s possible to separate an observation from an incidental political event (spoiler alert: yes).

Too much negativity today. Time to look at some landscape; I’ll be missing it in a few more days.



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