Day 17: Hitting the ground running

Photo Jul 01, 19 39 59No rest for the weary. I got to work early, met with my advisor for two hours, and discussed details for my thesis proposal, a timeline for writing it, and tangential projects and papers we want to work on in the meantime. Almost immediately after, I joined a meeting to critique an undergraduate’s research presentation for another two hours. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on some minor computations to add to one of the papers we’re trying to submit. And in the evening, I moved all my stuff from The Lady’s apartment to one of my friends’, who has a two-bedroom apartment and graciously allowed me to crash in the spare bedroom for the next month until The Lady and I move into our new apartment on Aug 1.

Consequently, this adorable picture of The Lady whipping up a delicious fettuccine alfredo (from scratch!) was pretty much the only picture I took all day. Of course, if the only photo I take is one of The Lady, I’m ok with that 🙂

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Oh hai!
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1 Response to Day 17: Hitting the ground running

  1. I’m not sure which I like more – her facial expression or her SHIRT! C is for cookie…

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