Day 19: All work and no play

Photo Jul 03, 9 00 20Blergh. This was an 11-hour day: work from 9am-8pm straight (though I was up at 5:45 and managed a solid workout in the morning). It was one of those days where the code does the ass-kicking. No amount of debugging prowess or input manipulation could explain why my programs were cranking out numbers that didn’t make any sense–unless, of course, throwing out 99% of your data at random always confers an increase in classification accuracy. Yeah, didn’t think so.

I knew this month was going to be brutal. I just hope it’s not 11-hour workdays, 7 days-a-week brutal. I could use a break here and there.

The Lady took me out for froyo in the evening. She’s pretty much wonderful.



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