Day 27: Attrition

Photo Jul 11, 19 00 58Today’s weather was a marked improvement over yesterday. It was still pretty humid, but the temperature had dropped noticeably, and the sun was actually shining. We also had a nice breeze for most of the day.

Meanwhile, this proposal has drifted into attrition territory. Writing feels like slogging through thick brush with naught but a butterknife. Granted, of the three primary aims, two are accompanied by a decent amount of previous work. But that first aim…just damn.

Every. Single. Sentence. feels like I’m pulling it out of my rear end. I know becoming intimately familiar with this stuff is part of the dissertation process, but there’s still an incredibly vibrant and robust field of research that I have to significantly improve my understanding of in the next handful of days, simply for the purpose of writing a background blurb about it and offering convincing evidence that we can do what I’m saying we’re going to do.

Day 28 of 46, here I come.



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