Day 28: Everyone has an opinion…

Photo Jul 12, 12 33 33I’ve ranted here before about this: irrespective of your opinion on certain issues, posting a book of a highly-opinioned status on Facebook of all places will have one of two effects: rally friends who already agreed with you, and antagonize those who didn’t. Only once have I ever seen a constructive Facebook discussion where someone’s mind was changed by the presentation of facts they hadn’t considered before.

For all our sakes, please: don’t use this medium to have serious discussions. The issues are far more complex than the Facebook architecture was designed to handle.



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6 Responses to Day 28: Everyone has an opinion…

  1. Colin says:

    Twitter was scary last night. And then there was this:

    • magsol says:

      With practically the lone exception of the above screenshot, Facebook was shockingly calm. But yes, Twitter pretty much exploded. And I have to say, I lost some respect for Roddy on that one.

      • Colin says:

        You mean you still had some after the Free Mike Vick incident, the I wish New Orleans would flood again incident, the I hate gays incident, or the It’s not like Joe Pa himself raped them incident?

      • magsol says:

        Wow. Well to be fair, I don’t really pay attention to pro football beyond the games themselves, so I was woefully ignorant of those gems. Yeah, big goose egg for ol’ Roddy.

      • Colin says:

        #RiseUp to putting down the phone when angry.

      • magsol says:

        #RiseUp to not giving a shit about asshat pro athletes.

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