Day 34: Day made

Photo Jul 18, 11 56 54
There’s a marker board in in my office’s kitchen area. When I walked in, only the “Almost Friday! So Cheer Up” portion was written. I took a black marker and added the portion about my proposal.

Two hours later, I happened to walk by again, and all the additional text you see above had appeared. I have to say, I was deeply touched. Not only because it’s awesome that folks in the office are supportive, but also because I’ve tried really hard to keep my proposal on the down-low within the office, but the fact that people knew about it anyway (because they stopped me in person to wish me good luck later that day), was kind of neat.

Truly though, I’d rather have the smallest crowd possible for my proposal presentation. Now at the defense (in another 12-16 months, knock-on-wood), I’d love a crowd. But for the proposal, where so much is still up in the air and dependent upon the whims of the committee (and I don’t really have a good intuition for how they’ll react together yet, so I don’t know how to “play the game”, as it were), I’d rather have a small crowd. But that’s just me.

Submitted a draft of my [still largely incomplete] thesis proposal! Progress!


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