Day 37: Rhythm setting

Photo Jul 21, 20 11 43One of these things on my lap is a lot fuzzier than the other.

Today was better, in the sense that solid progress was made and a coherent document seems to be emerging. I got a bunch of edits back from my labmates, and they’re pretty extensive, but they all center around Aim 1 (which is the big innovation). Of all things, I need to shorten it by about two pages. There’s too much jargon (not necessarily a bad thing) and too little to tie it into the bigger picture for those who aren’t versed in the jargon (definitely a bad thing).

Taking tomorrow off from working out, since evidently my body contends it’s burning the candle at both ends. The document has to be submitted by Tuesday anyway, after which–in theory–things calm down a bit as I switch to readying the presentation.


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