Day 38: Nearly hard-copy deadline

Condensing four extremely jargon-heavy paragraphs into one high-level paragraph is a lot harder than it would initially seem.

Fun fact about myself: I’m not crazy OCD about keeping my living space clean…but I’m not far from it. With the lone exception of if I’m currently, actively working on something. Then I don’t just not mind if all my materials are strewn everywhere, but I downright depend on it in order to have the maximum amount of content in as easily accessible a location as possible.

Once the work is done, though, it needs to be cleaned. Same with my living quarters: if I’m not currently using it, it clutters my mind until it’s put away.

Today marks the countdown from 24 hours until the deadline for the submission of the hard copy of my proposal to my committee. At 5pm tomorrow, I hit “send” with the proposal attached and switch gears to making a slide deck for the presentation on the 30th.

Shit’s starting to get real.

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