Why I cancelled my teched talks

Well then. Good to know that when my wife-to-be and I start traveling in the next couple years, this is one thing I can preemptively cross off my list. As eksith said: “Microsoft: winning fans at every opportunity.”

PS: My ApacheCon experiences (2010 and 2011) were exceptional, and apparently really were the exception.

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This was written the morning of my session at TechEd and has been sitting for a while. I wanted to give some time to see if Microsoft would have some kind of follow up.

A bit jetlagged now. Why? I flew from Bali into New Orleans to speak at TechEd, yeah that’s about two days of travel and 15 hours of jetlag. It was awesome waking up at midnight my first night here (at least in New Orleans you know you can get a good breakfast at 0200).

This morning I managed to get out of bed to go do my talk at TechEd. Upon arrival at the venue we went to registration for speakers. I got my badge. I asked how we should handle my wife coming with me for the hour duration of my talk (she wanted to take pictures). I was told they can’t handle it and we need to go to the…

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