Day 41: It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad mex

Photo Jul 25, 20 22 24Today I was running everywhere, it seemed. 7-mile tempo run in the morning (which, surprisingly, I crushed)–though my running buddy Rob bailed on me, oh well–appointment after that, then work work work until 5 when it was off to sign the lease to the place The Lady and I will be living next week, then to the local Mad Mex to meet with Rob, his wife, and two of our Ragnar teammates to wish the former two well as they move to MA this weekend.

I’m really feeling worn down. But this presentation isn’t going to make itself.

Side note: when this is all said and done, somebody remind me to post about the “joys” of extended family members who don’t keep in touch, but then decide to contact you out of the blue when they read some out-of-context phrase from your blog and [incorrectly] wonder if you’ve converted religions. Something about “insulting”, “narrow minded”, and “generally uncaring or otherwise unconcerned for the person’s well being beyond what church they attend each week”.


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