Day 45: The night before

Photo Jul 29, 14 10 14Today was one of those days where you catch a glimpse into just how many people really care about you. I arrived this morning to this bag of donuts from the nearby hippie donut shop, courtesy of my cubicle neighbor. My labmates sat through yet another two-hour run-through of my presentation, giving me detailed, invaluable, and tireless feedback. My advisor has stayed up with me to help tweak my presentation. And The Lady took time out of her incredibly busy and hectic packing schedule to pick my sorry tush up from work at 9:30, give me her leftovers from dinner (I hadn’t eaten), and give me a few minutes in her apartment with her and her cat to calm my nerves a bit.

It’s been an incredibly, incredibly stressful past few days. But I can’t begin to elucidate just how grateful I am these truly lovely individuals. They make all the difference.

Days until presentation: 1
Slide deck status: 100% complete
Number of practice rounds: 3

Tomorrow at 10am, stuff hits the thing.

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