It sucks. Unless you love books, of course.

The Lady is taking over the guest room.

The Lady + a mountain of books + a guest room = Happy Lady

Quite literally the morning after my successful thesis proposal, The Lady and I started the day-long process of moving our respective items from our respective apartments into our swank new two-bedroom pad. Jokes about “living in sin” aside, we’ve been really excited about this ever since late last year when we started talking about it. Particularly after finding this place in February, it’s been the second-most anticipated event in our collective not-too-distant futures. Heh.

I had a bit of a head start: all my stuff was already somewhat packed, having been in storage since Memorial Day weekend. With the help of more than a handful of friends and the morning hours, we successfully moved all my belongings from the storage facility to our new place before 1pm.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning out The Lady’s old apartment. That was trickier; there’s a certain advantage to having already moved out and having one’s stuff in a ready-to-move configuration. Thankfully, The Lady’s mom was in town to help, and she is quite literally the reason we even had a place to sleep come 9:30pm when we finished moving the very last items to the new place: she had been working on reassembling the bed.

The final boss.

The final boss.

My parents showed up the next day, and over the weekend helped us start the unpacking process. That, of course, is still ongoing, but following two very timely visits from our respective parents, we were only able to get enough rest while still moving and unpacking in a timely fashion, we spent a minimal amount of time in non-functional states. In fact, it was pretty much only the very first night when we had to order our dinner.

Pad Thai and beer for our very first dinner.

Pad Thai and beer for our very first dinner.

Frankly? It was wonderful. Just the two of us, seated in dining chairs in the middle of the kitchen, eating pad thai and drinking beer after a full day of moving. It was a lovely finish to an otherwise hectic day.

Since then, The Lady has resumed her daily bacon-bringing activities, and I’ve been living a dual unpacking-vacation life. I haven’t had a true vacation sans research obligations since August 2012, and aided by the previous resident’s inability to disconnect their Comcast service prior to moving out, I was completely out of touch with the world for a full 6 days after moving in–only yesterday was a technician able to come by and reconnect us to the world wide interwubs. I spent the time watching Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis while unpacking, building the bed frame for the guest room, and generally relaxing (naps are wonderful).

My body is still somewhat on razor’s edge; 12 months is an awfully long time to spend on high alert. It’s going to take awhile to come down. But the new place offers plenty of things for me to keep busy with, plus my marathon training runs have been steadily improving in terms of how I feel. I’ll be posting about that soon in my poor neglected running blog, for those who are interested.

In the meantime, I’m spending a lot of quality time with this adorable fuzzball.

Kitty yoga!

Kitty yoga!

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