It’s been that kind of week

This has been an interesting week so far. First things first: a primer for the entry.


This guinea pig is better at Smash Brothers than I am.

Ahh. Much better. Ok.

The Unfortunate Events

There’s been a lot of frustration lately, particularly over administrative issues that have gone on for quite a bit longer than they should realistically require.

  1. Cross-registration fallout. I had some issues registering for courses this semester, and consequently my cross-registration fell through the cracks and have now been without my CMU email for over a month. I’m hoping and praying that nobody important (hello, recruiters!) attempts to contact me at that address during this time.
  2. Accounting errors. It’s been over two months since my return from Oak Ridge, and I’m still waiting for a complete reimbursement for trip expenses. A “small” accounting error double-billed me for the same expense, so I’m currently out roughly three weeks’ worth. Not the end of the world, but not chump change either.
  3. Research communication failure. My advisor and I just learned from a collaborator that we can’t publish on the data we’ve been analyzing for the last several months, because the data itself is unpublished. The most frustrating part of this is that I recall bringing up that exact issue at a meeting with them 6 months ago–“why should anyone believe our results?”, I said–and they signed off on continuing to use the data. Now they’ve completely flipped on it.

It’s a lot of unnecessary hamstringing, and it’s creating a lot of frustration and uncertainty. There’s a lot I can do in the meantime, but these will have to sort themselves out soon.

The Awesome Badassery

Thankfully, there were some significant upsides of late, too. They’ve kept me calm, cool, and enjoying the scenery.

  1. Running is improving. If you follow my running blog, you’ll recall a recent post where I was discussing how my running forays in the last month have felt laborious. I suppose I should clarify: significantly more laborious than I think they should. I’m pleased to say that my most recent long run, a rather bruising 18-miler, went off exceptionally well. I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be, but I seem to be on the mend. And I’m perfectly ok with that.
  2. Submitted two publications. My advisor and I, in collaboration with various folks, sent in two publications in the last couple of weeks: one to PLoS One, the other to a conference in Atlanta. The latter was in conjunction with the folks at Oak Ridge, and we should hear about it on Sept 16. The former was with some of the drug discovery folks at Pitt, and I have absolutely no clue when we’ll hear about it. But I’m pretty thrilled nonetheless, particularly as a perfect offset to #3 above!
  3. Fantastic bachelor party. My groomsmen were in town two weekends ago (The Lady was visiting her college bestie in Seattle and had a phenomenal time), and it was the perfect combination of getting outside my comfort zone while still maintaining a level of semi-controllable chaos. We went to a standing-room-only Pirates game (I’ve never seen PNC Park completely sold out!), hit up the best local restaurants (mmm, Point Brugge brunch), and played a bunch of board and video games. And ate lots of junk food. It was awesome.

Final Score

I give this week exactly one Pretty Lady With A Cute Kitteh.


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  1. The cat on the laptop always improve work production.

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