2 Responses to The toxicity of Facebook

  1. brewyourownium says:

    I agree in spirit with pretty much everything that you’ve said here, aside from the “bonehead move” comment that you made about sharing big news on Facebook. Facebook has replaced the good ol’ announcement card of yesteryear. Before social media, you weren’t expected to call every single person of value in your life to announce a piece of good (or bad) news, and so I don’t believe that you should be expected to do that now either. I have shared engagement, wedding, pregnancy, birth, and diagnosis announcements on Facebook, and while I announce the news personally to immediate family members, even my bestest of bestest friends will find out big news from me in an email sometimes. But then again maybe I’m just an asshole. Don’t beat yourself up so much 😉

    • magsol says:

      It may be a personal thing, but I still put email head and shoulders above Facebook in terms of news dissemination, even when I’m just one of dozens of recipients (it meant a lot to me to be included in your emails!).

      Perhaps it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, wherein I already have a negative outlook on Facebook and can therefore twist any new interactions to fit my pre-existing notion of it. But I’ve also never been someone who particularly enjoys being the center of attention; high school football taught me that. And with just how little control I have over news propagation via Facebook, I am extremely skeptical of using it for that purpose; my skepticism only increases with the importance of the news.

      As for beating myself up…that’s another issue entirely 😉

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