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Cutting distractions loose

I recently made an unpleasant decision after a very unpleasant confrontation, and though I do regret the immediate impetus for my decision, I also recognize that this decision probably should have been made long before reaching this point. Allow me to … Continue reading

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2014: One for the books

As the sun sets on 2014, it takes with it easily the most action-packed year of my short life. I’ll spare you the gory details of in-depth retrospectives that I’m probably still too close to objectively give, and instead just provide … Continue reading

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Necks are absolutely essential

Because without them, I would’ve forgotten my head somewhere by now. But probably wouldn’t have even realized it yet. This week has been a whirlwind. My collaborators and I are trying to get a research paper out (or, at least, … Continue reading

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101 in 1001: Follow-up

Just about a week ago, the deadline for my Feb 13, 2011 post came up. It was a pretty neat idea: rather than go with a “new year’s resolution” that is usually poorly-defined and craps out within the first couple … Continue reading

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It’s been that kind of week

This has been an interesting week so far. First things first: a primer for the entry. Ahh. Much better. Ok. The Unfortunate Events There’s been a lot of frustration lately, particularly over administrative issues that have gone on for quite … Continue reading

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Day 46: Ph.D. Candidate

I am officially a candidate for a PhD in the joint CMU-UPitt computational biology program. What a whirlwind. This also concludes my “daily photo” postings. In all honesty, I’ve enjoyed these little blurbs; I think it really has helped keep me … Continue reading

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Day 41: It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad mex

Today I was running everywhere, it seemed. 7-mile tempo run in the morning (which, surprisingly, I crushed)–though my running buddy Rob bailed on me, oh well–appointment after that, then work work work until 5 when it was off to sign … Continue reading

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