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Hashtag please stop

“So this SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor” This is supposed to be a joke. But sometimes I wonder. WARNING: This post is going to feature my pragmatism in … Continue reading

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It sucks. Unless you love books, of course. Quite literally the morning after my successful thesis proposal, The Lady and I started the day-long process of moving our respective items from our respective apartments into our swank new two-bedroom pad. … Continue reading

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Day 43: Are we there yet?

Somebody near the Crazy Mocha on Baum gets serious middle-school reading cred from me for naming their wireless network “Salamandastron”. That’s freaking awesome. Days until presentation: 3 Slide deck status: 85% complete Number of practice rounds: 0 Mental status: COMPLETE ZEN … Continue reading

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Day 24: Really, CMU?

I give you an A for effort, but I’m quite sure that every single one of those memes is used incorrectly. Generously, I give you 50% on the victory kid meme. So basically, you got 0.5 / 5 correct. Surely there … Continue reading

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My 40-day Facebook reprieve

For the entirety of Lent this year (February 13 – March 30), not once did I log into Facebook. Only once did I post on Twitter, when I was having some Hadoop issues. Totally cold turkey. And you know what? It … Continue reading

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Secession Petitions

If you follow the site We the People, or any online news outlets, you’ve probably noticed the latest flurry of petitions from states across the Union. They all share a common theme: Peacefully grant the State of [STATE] to withdraw … Continue reading

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It’s like LJ on WordPress

Taking a cue from Megan (and because I’m still in publish-my-research-yesterday mode), I’m boring you all with more details about my running experiences with a questionnaire that delves deeply into the personal and leaves no metaphorical stone unturned…or something. 1. Best … Continue reading

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Tabs or spaces?

I know this debate is old as dirt, but it was resurrected on my Google+ stream not too long ago, so I wanted to poll the intertubes and see what it, the Font of Knowlej, thought. The Debate It’s pretty … Continue reading

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Online services I don’t understand

When it comes to “social revolution”, I have to admit I’m pretty skeptical. Yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of more than one social network (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn), have used them extensively, and still continue to do so. But … Continue reading

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The Internets are a Strange Place

I love reading Ars Technica. Their writing is exceptional and among the more unbiased. Granted, their specialty is technology and science-related material; they only report on politics and current events as it overlaps with the former categories. Their staff does … Continue reading

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