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For the love of all things good, get vaccinated

Read any news outlet–measles, a disease declared in 2000 to have been eradicated in the United States, has now infected nearly 100 people across at least a dozen states with no sign of slowing down just yet. The single glimmer … Continue reading

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Cutting distractions loose

I recently made an unpleasant decision after a very unpleasant confrontation, and though I do regret the immediate impetus for my decision, I also recognize that this decision probably should have been made long before reaching this point. Allow me to … Continue reading

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Necks are absolutely essential

Because without them, I would’ve forgotten my head somewhere by now. But probably wouldn’t have even realized it yet. This week has been a whirlwind. My collaborators and I are trying to get a research paper out (or, at least, … Continue reading

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Weddings: the best and worst

Everything you hear about wedding planning really is true; obviously there’s a continuum and everyone’s mileage will inevitably vary, but you’ll more than likely run into some person or another airing their dirty laundry. It sucks. It sucks that the … Continue reading

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The Job Hunt

Since the start of October, I’ve been in full-on job-hunting mode. Courtesy of Ph.D. Comics, this pretty much sums up how I feel: Something any prospective doctor of philosophy should know: academic and industry hiring processes are very different. Universities are going … Continue reading

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How to remember 2013

2013. So much to say about it. The downside is my gut check, instinctual response goes something like this. In many concrete, quantifiable ways, 2013 was frustrating. Running didn’t go particularly well. I didn’t even finish half of my 101 … Continue reading

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101 in 1001: Follow-up

Just about a week ago, the deadline for my Feb 13, 2011 post came up. It was a pretty neat idea: rather than go with a “new year’s resolution” that is usually poorly-defined and craps out within the first couple … Continue reading

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No one will notice if the government shuts down

On Oct 1, Google put out a Doodle commemorating the 123rd anniversary of Yosemite National Park (at least in the US), a somewhat ironic gesture considering as of that morning, all national parks were closed and would remain so for a … Continue reading

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Routines are boring

…but they are also conducive to productivity. Just sayin’. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since moving into the new apartment. No, the moving isn’t finished yet; still quite a bit to go. The key, I suppose, is that … Continue reading

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