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No one will notice if the government shuts down

On Oct 1, Google put out a Doodle commemorating the 123rd anniversary of Yosemite National Park (at least in the US), a somewhat ironic gesture considering as of that morning, all national parks were closed and would remain so for a … Continue reading

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Day 41: It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad mex

Today I was running everywhere, it seemed. 7-mile tempo run in the morning (which, surprisingly, I crushed)–though my running buddy Rob bailed on me, oh well–appointment after that, then work work work until 5 when it was off to sign … Continue reading

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From the annals of recent brilliance

I had a conversation with the Danimal the other day that reminded me of a few rather outrageous claims I’d run into of late. It got me thinking about why these claims persist despite their obvious factual shortcomings. After all, … Continue reading

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Election Fallout

I hate politics. Let’s just get this over with. The current levels of national polarization are revealing character flaws that are troubling. For one: the party of pulling-oneself-up-by-their-bootstraps takes credit for victories, but blames others for defeat. For two: “winning”–or … Continue reading

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The Internets are a Strange Place

I love reading Ars Technica. Their writing is exceptional and among the more unbiased. Granted, their specialty is technology and science-related material; they only report on politics and current events as it overlaps with the former categories. Their staff does … Continue reading

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Why pay attention to email when you can ignore it?

For all that our generation has grown up with and embraced the Digital Age, we have proven appallingly atrocious at actually paying attention. Case study: email! My Ph.D. program has a weekly student seminar, where students in the program can … Continue reading

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A Rant on Reasonable Expectations

With the semester wrapping up, I feel my status as a teaching assistant for a computational modeling course compels me to address something that we’ve encountered off and on the past several months. I’ll let Condescending Wonka introduce it. He … Continue reading

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What the Luke Skywalker is the deal here?

Alright folks, I have to put this out there. In recent years, I’ve gotten back into reading the Star Wars Extended Universe books. The ones I read back in middle school were a lot of fun and very entertaining, but … Continue reading

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Mary Christ Miss!

Ugh. It seems as though no matter how good I’ve been all year, no matter how many times I go to church and no matter how much money I spend on material things that bring me only fleeting joy, I … Continue reading

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Hot-button topics

It seems every topic these days that has implications beyond my meager, individual existence has become warped by the political machine, and any stand one takes in the debate gets them hero status with some, Public Enemy Number One with … Continue reading

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