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An open letter to Gov. Scott Walker: stop perpetuating the myth of the lazy professor

Originally posted on The Contemplative Mammoth:
Dear Gov. Walker, Last week, you told professors at the University of Wisconsin that they needed to “work harder.” You were making a case that the Wisconsin state budget crisis could be ameliorated by increasing employee…

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STIR Grant Competition: Public Crowdfunding Campaign

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101 in 1001: Round 2!

As I alluded to at the end of my follow-up post on the topic, I’ve decided to take the plunge again, taking a stab at accomplishing 101 discrete tasks in 1001 days. Some clever IPython manipulation (ok, a grand total … Continue reading

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Why I cancelled my teched talks

Originally posted on Greg Young's Blog:
This was written the morning of my session at TechEd and has been sitting for a while. I wanted to give some time to see if Microsoft would have some kind of follow…

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For Boston

Originally posted on write2run:
The Boston Marathon is huge. Iconic. Legendary. If you qualified to run it, you’re lauded as a Real Runner – fast, dedicated, and maybe a little bit crazy (well, all of us marathoners are a…

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Read this. Reblog it. Read it again. Seriously, this was an amazing undertaking and it was pulled off perfectly.

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In lieu of an entry of mine, I encourage everyone to read what my sister has written. It pertains to Islam, specifically in reference to the incendiary video that was released a few months back. Regardless if you think you … Continue reading

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