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An open letter to Gov. Scott Walker: stop perpetuating the myth of the lazy professor

Originally posted on The Contemplative Mammoth:
Dear Gov. Walker, Last week, you told professors at the University of Wisconsin that they needed to “work harder.” You were making a case that the Wisconsin state budget crisis could be ameliorated by increasing employee…

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STIR Grant Competition: Public Crowdfunding Campaign

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101 in 1001: Round 2!

As I alluded to at the end of my follow-up post on the topic, I’ve decided to take the plunge again, taking a stab at accomplishing 101 discrete tasks in 1001 days. Some clever IPython manipulation (ok, a grand total … Continue reading

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Why I cancelled my teched talks

Originally posted on Greg Young's Blog:
This was written the morning of my session at TechEd and has been sitting for a while. I wanted to give some time to see if Microsoft would have some kind of follow…

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For Boston

Originally posted on write2run:
The Boston Marathon is huge. Iconic. Legendary. If you qualified to run it, you’re lauded as a Real Runner – fast, dedicated, and maybe a little bit crazy (well, all of us marathoners are a…

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Read this. Reblog it. Read it again. Seriously, this was an amazing undertaking and it was pulled off perfectly.

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In lieu of an entry of mine, I encourage everyone to read what my sister has written. It pertains to Islam, specifically in reference to the incendiary video that was released a few months back. Regardless if you think you … Continue reading

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We are the stuff of stars

On the flight back from Boston this past Tuesday evening, JetBlue (which is an underadvertised and highly underrated airline, in my humble opinion) was playing a NatGeo special about the exploration of the known universe. It started from Earth, visiting … Continue reading

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More on GSoC

For those of you who are interested, here is some more information regarding the Google Summer of Code, 2008 edition. Continue Reading ‘More on GSoC’

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Something tangible

I’m still tweaking the layout and altering the default settings to infuse as much of my prosaic personality as possible into this blog, but the ineffectual first post finally bugged me enough to delete it and replace it with a … Continue reading

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