About Me

My name is Shannon. I was born in ’85 (you do the math), have a bachelor’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, a master’s in Computational Biology from Carnegie Mellon, and a Ph.D. in the same from the University of Pittsburgh.

This blog largely consists of my forays in programming, graduate school, and running. Occasional time is spent on politics, but it’s a touchy subject for many (read: all) and I prefer to discuss good ideas, rather than complain about bad ones. If you’d prefer more research-y stuff, head over to my more technical blogging locale. If instead you’d rather read solely about my forays in running, head over to my running blog.

If you had to categorize this blog, it’d be somewhere in between William Faulkner and the journal Science.

Oh, and: I like pie.

5 Responses to About Me

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  2. hey nice blog theme. also, you are old (yes, i did the math!)

  3. brewyourownium says:

    i know where your theme picture is from!! i was there…. i must say, it is much nicer without the fear of frostbite

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