Farewell, magsolweb.net

As readers may recall from previous posts, my website’s domain name–magsolweb.net–went into a renewal period a few months ago, and I refused to pay the exorbitant $40/year that Melbourne IT was demanding just to transfer to a more reasonable domain registrar. I opted to wait out the next few months while the domain name went through the paces and was deleted from the WHOIS database.

Well, it was officially released yesterday…and snapped up by some dumb#$%* registrar called “ThreadExchange”, available for “backorder” for the low, low price of $200.

So first, a message to ThreadExchange before I move on:

Now, I need some input from my readers:Β what should my new domain name be? I’ve had magsolweb.net since 2005, so any change is going to be a Big Freaking Deal. I’d love to stick with the .net TLD, since my website isn’t a company (doesn’t fit with .com), a non-profit (doesn’t fit with .org), or a porn site (.xxx…at least, not yet WINK WINK). But I obviously can’t stick with magsolweb, and magsol.net is already taken.

Should I be super lame and just get firstnamelastname.net? Should I keep “magsol” in it somehow, along the lines of magsolintertubes.net?

I’m open to suggestions!

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7 Responses to Farewell, magsolweb.net

  1. Colin Lord says:

    Oh so what you’re saying is people who own their names like colinlord.com aren’t cool enough? Well psh, no suggestions for you then. (For the record I also own lordcolin.com and lordcol.in … cause I’m cool.)

    • magsol says:

      It’s certainly easier to put on a resume, I’ll grant you that. It might even make more sense. But yeah that’s basically what I’m saying.

  2. eksith says:

    Sadly your firstnamelastname seems to be taken in .com and .net.

    Your domain should be what your identity represents. Now that can be a handle, which in your case is appropriate if you’re still carrying the same battle flag.

    That still leaves .us, which doesn’t have the same connotations of a .org or .com.
    There’s also .info, which if you want to maintain a profile/portfolio, could be a good choice.

    If you’re just going for “magsol”, both .co and .us are available.

    But these may also be taken if you wait too long so, not to pressure you or anything, but tick tock…

    Fun side fact: I actually didn’t know my first name until I was 4 because everyone called me by my middle name.

    • magsol says:

      These are all great points, thank you very much. I have a few ideas, and I think I’ll pin down the domain later today.

      That’s quite a fun fact! Was it one of those things where you did something so terrible that your parents called you by your full name, and then you realized what your first name actually was?

      • eksith says:

        Oh yes… A box of matches was involved πŸ˜‰

      • magsol says:

        Hahhaahaaha. So awesome πŸ˜€

        Ok so I think I’ve narrowed it down to the following:


        My favorite is “magsol.me”, the only problem is it’s also the most expensive (discounting the lone .net one). NameCheap will give me the first one at $8.99 the first year, and then about $10 more for every year after. For the second one, it’ll be $6.99 the first year and only $1 more every year after. Thoughts?

      • eksith says:

        Magsol.me is very catchy.

        .us Leaves a geo-centric impression compared to .me which is very personal. Of the two, .me goes very, very well. But we are still talking a lot less than $40 per year, so it’s still a better deal, I think. If you can lock down the price for at least a few years, it’s even better.

        Magsolflux sounds like an interesting name for a collection of goodies. Side projects, a playground, or something similar. No reason the two can’t be merged into plain magsol and on a subdomain.

        flux.magsol.me ?

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